The Benefits of Hiring a Designer Outside of Your Local Market

The Benefits of Hiring a Designer Outside of Your Local Market

The design world is getting smaller.

Geographic distance is no longer a barrier to working with consultants outside your local market. The widespread use of enhanced remote collaboration tools has increased. Our post-pandemic workplaces make this easier than ever before. 

This enables real estate development firms to build better design teams that aren’t limited by location.

But, what makes hiring a designer outside of your local market a good idea? 

We love working on rooftop and outdoor amenity projects outside of our local market. Since starting to work nationally, we’ve been involved in a wide range of successful projects. And we’ve identified some compelling reasons our clients choose to have us help them with their projects across the country.

By removing the barrier of geography, we’ve been able to bring our clients the following benefits:

A Unique Perspective and Fresh Ideas

The tendency to sameness is as a phenomenon all too common in real estate development. 

And it’s a problem.

All developers use comparisons to set rents and assess the feasibility of their projects. But too often the final product has little to no differentiation among the competing properties surrounding it. If it worked for them, you reason, surely it will work for us. Unfortunately default ideas lead to uninspiring results.

Instead of copying your competition, stand out designs offer something new. Designers from different regions bring varied cultural and aesthetic influences to the table. This diversity can lead to innovative solutions. You’ll see unique designs that might not emerge from a local designer familiar with the same environment and trends. 

Potential Cost Savings

In some cases, hiring a designer from another area can be more cost-effective. Rates can vary significantly by location. You may find highly skilled designers in regions with lower living costs, enabling you to access top talent at a more affordable price.

Loft Six Four operates from a region with a relatively low cost of living. So we are able to be more competitive in higher cost areas where rates tend to be high. 

Specialized Expertise

Certain design specializations may be scarce in your local market. Like Loft Six Four’s specialization in rooftop amenity design. Broadening your search can allow you to find designers with niche expertise. They have advanced skills that are key to the success of your project but difficult or impossible to find locally.

Expanded Professional Network

Engaging with designers from various regions can expand your professional network. This can lead to future collaborations and opportunities. It opens doors to new markets and insights that can be beneficial for your business growth.

Our experience working on multifamily projects across the country has introduced us to a wide range of firms. From branding experts to expert engineers, we’ve collaborated with some of the best. If your project team is missing a discipline we can refer you to several top notch options to choose from.Ready to experience the benefits of collaboration with Loft Six Four? Let’s talk.