3 Ways Rooftop Amenity Design Experience Benefits Your Development Team

3 Ways Rooftop Amenity Design Experience Benefits Your Development Team

As an urban multifamily real estate developer, you’re looking for capable designers to work with your development team to execute your vision. Confidence comes from having a team of experts who will do their jobs as excellently as you do yours. 

But, you know there are often holes and gaps when the consultants you work with don’t collaborate or coordinate well with each other. This disconnect brings on higher costs triggered by RFI’s, city comments, change orders, etc. And your development team ends up spending more time than they’d like worrying about pieces of the project that never should have been missed.

When it comes to rooftop amenities and outdoor living experiences, the chances for failure increase. These spaces can often become a no man’s land where neither the architect, interior designer, nor landscape architect fully understands or considers them. The result can be a missed opportunity – and a disappointing conclusion to your years-long effort to get your project to market.

The Benefits of Rooftop Amenity Design Expertise

We have been working on high level rooftop amenity projects for the past decade. Over that time, we’ve seen the benefits of specializing in rooftop amenity design. Because we go deep into this one category, we’ve built expertise that other, more generalized firms simply don’t have. 

Here are three ways we put our rooftop amenity expertise to use to benefit your development team.

1. Recording Rooftop Amenity Specific Data and Best Practices

We love rooftop and outdoor spaces and are passionate about being the best rooftop amenity designers for your project. That starts with collecting and sharing every insight we can get our hands on.

We work on projects across the country. We constantly visit them and talk to contractors, management teams, architects and developers about the design and performance of the rooftop amenities. 

We record all of the information and insight we gather and publish it in the form of blog posts, whitepapers, and in-house reference material for our staff to review. This way, even the new team member quickly becomes an expert in the design and documentation of rooftop amenity spaces. 

2. Looking Beyond the Rooftop Amenity Space with Team Collaboration

Each design move is intended to solve your goals in a fun and interesting way, make you money, and help your project be one of a kind. We don’t start our Immersive Experience Method until we have relevant information from every consultant. We pride ourselves on doing our best to not work in our own silo. 

To do this as efficiently as possible, we need to know your goals, the overall design of the architecture, the interior theme, and the constraints of the other consultants. This ensures we can approach the design in a more holistic way. Furthermore, understanding everyone’s goals and process helps inform our design and the way we tackle your unique outdoor amenity challenges. 

For example, we will take cues from architectural columns and extend those out into the amenity areas. We’ll look for unique shapes or patterns in the interiors package and translate that into the shape of the pool or gaming area. 

3. Rooftop Amenity Consultant Coordination

Having worked on numerous rooftop amenity projects across the country, we appreciate and respect how important  other consultants are to making your project come together. We embrace the accountability of coordinating the lighting with the electrical engineer, the drains with the plumbing engineer, and the pool and planters with the structural engineer.  We seek to understand their constraints and design within those boundaries while still trying to push the limits of what is possible. 

We know your entire team of consultants works best when we’re all working together and helping each other succeed. Our ultimate goal is that your project is a success, your development team is the hero and that we’ve been a good guide and team member along the way.

Rooftop Amenity Design Experience is Part of Your Development Team’s Overall Success

Loft Six Four is committed to making your project stand out. That’s why we take on the responsibility for the rooftop amenity design and the detailing of everything above the waterproofing. We help you select the best finishes, detail the custom elements, and coordinate with other consultants so that you can rest easy and focus your energy on the wide range of responsibilities you already have. 

If you’re looking for a rooftop amenity expert to take these tasks off your plate, let’s talk. Here’s to your success!