If you’ve been apprehensive about whether or not to implement rooftop amenities on the exterior space of your project, you might already be losing an opportunity to maximize your investment and capitalize on the developer amenities race. A creatively designed rooftop or outdoor space with well researched and relevant amenities helps to compliment the overall structure of the building as well as add huge value and differentiation to sell the space, attract the right buyers/users, and do it fast.

When you’ve hired a landscape architecture design firm that is passionate about the creative design of communal and private outdoor amenity spaces and and innate understanding of who will use them, you’ve got yourself a recipe for success!

Here’s 6 ways that rooftop amenities elevate the human experience as well as the architectural design.

1. It fully compliments the architecture

Creatively designed rooftop amenity spaces help the architecture stand out. It doesn’t take away from the project or cover it up. This makes the architect happy, the developer happy and the end users very happy. Talk about a win win…win.

2. It’s recognized by the community or city

Many landscape architects design projects for functionality only, or as we like to call it “fill in the blank”. But a good LA designs a project to be unique to its site context, responsive to the architectural program which, in turn, gets it recognized. Take Chicago’s 606 path. A once defunct railroad line, the space is now an elevated park, trail, and nature system that serves a portion of Chicago’s low-income communities. It’s even been recognized as American Planning Association’s 2016 National Planning Excellence Award for Urban Design.

3. It Increases Property Value

This is a major duh – having a well designed rooftop amenity space combined with landscape (as much green as possible) increases property values and the development ROI which results in a higher per unit sale, not to mention much happier users and inhabitants. Why wouldn’t you invest in a more creative landscape and killer outdoor amenities for your rooftop?

4. It Helps your Project Reach Max Capacity

Creating a beautiful and functional landscape on the rooftop of your project with appropriate resort like amenities like hot tubs, pools, shade structures, bbq islands, and fire pits will entice buyers or renters to make a move. It’s a leg up on the competition down the street with just a measly sundeck. Sell out your project quickly by investing in highly creative rooftop and outdoor landscape amenities.

5. It Sparks Higher Resale Rates

As a result of #3 and #4, units will sell faster as excitement and word of mouth reviews spread across the location. When inhabitants are ready to sell or the owner is renting out a previously rented unit – these spots won’t be on the market long. The realtor will easily be able to market and feature the rooftop and outdoor amenities as a top sales target and promote it through advertisements.

6. It Wins Awards

Stunning rooftop amenities created by passionate, innovative, and experienced landscape architects are sure to be recognized with architectural awards and achievements as well as more successful projects. This gives your project something to boast about to potential buyers and investors, because who wouldn’t want to live in an award-winning space.

Loft Six Four recently won Most Outstanding Multi-Family Project by Utah Construction and Design for our design of the 4th West Apartments. To read more about that project click here.

Looking for more on creative, idea-driven rooftop amenities? Download our guide to rooftop amenities below!