In a previous post we talked about the strategic partnership between a landscape architect and an architect and now we are going to dive into the importance of collaboration between the two worlds of landscape architecture and architecture. In order to create elevated design that encompass amenities that today’s buyer is looking for: Collaboration between us is key.

Look, us landscape architects understand that we can be misunderstood, undervalued, or down right annoying and difficult. Between missing calls or not answering them all together, to feeling like we don’t get you or caring about your architectural design- working with us can be a challenge. But I want to stress that most landscape architects have a strong desire to work together with architects since you and your beautiful architectural structures feed our passion for design and ideas. And you enjoy working with a highly creative, top level, and fun to work with landscape architect who ensures your building or project is complimented with extraordinary outdoor spaces that relate to the architectural cues of the building while helping differentiate your project from the outdoors inward.

So let’s make the experience a game changer and much more enjoyable and even smoother! Here’s our internal philosophy on a successful partnership launch between an architect and a landscape architect:

  1. Architect sees or hears about previous landscape architect’s work and calls a meeting.
  2. In a Pow Wow setting where all the projects stakeholders collaborate, all parties let their ideas fly (this may sound scary or “unorganized” but in reality – this is where the real relationship forms)
  3. Finally, bring the ideas together and start forming the important aspects needed in the project. This could be important lines of the building or views of a project as well as rooftop or outdoor amenities that are needed to tie the landscape in with the architecture (this should be a fun and easy process – this is where we get to geek out on jargon together)

Following our philosophy will help foster the relationship between you and the landscape architect and will start the project off in an exciting and collaborative approach as opposed to an misaligned beginning.

Not having these meetings with your current landscape architect? Our advice is to demand a meeting with the landscape architect you are working with, so that they can understand the architecture and it’s critical aspects from your point of view.  We can and should all get along.

Find the best possible collaboration method that works for you – but just know you don’t have to settle for a boring and unresponsive landscape architecture design consultant. Learn more about Loft Six Four’s high level design process and how we work with architects by talking with us! Schedule some free time with me by clicking here.