Punch List Checklist For Rooftop and Outdoor Living Experiences

Punch List Checklist For Rooftop and Outdoor Living Experiences

It’s opening day for your newest real estate development and you’ve got your investors there, along with community stakeholders and media. It’s your time to shine; the celebration of your hard work as a developer is finally paying off.

As you tour the building and site, the last thing you want to find are the mistakes and misses caused by a lack of coordination. If the project doesn’t look good, it reflects poorly on you and comes off as a big disappointment – even though you did your part flawlessly.

Fortunately there is a simple remedy for this kind of situation. The sometimes neglected, though critically important, punch list.

In the rush to complete a project, punch lists can either be poorly done or skipped altogether. After putting so much effort into a project, to leave off the last step, or not include everyone in the process, is a big mistake. Instead, do a thorough review of the project and make sure it reflects your hard work.

Punch lists are a critical step in the development process. Use our template version with some of the important items that we check during our punch walks. With the right approach, punch lists ensure quality, preserve your vision, and resolve issues before they become major problems.