Residence Inn Boise


High-End Urban Hospitality in the Heart of Boise

How rooftop amenities contribute to a growing city’s urban culture.

Results Summary

The roof deck at Residence Inn in downtown Boise is a game changer for the city. Originally planned as a guests-only hangout spot, the third story patio is becoming a major public attraction.

As an expert in rooftop amenities and outdoor living experiences, Loft Six Four was commissioned to craft a quality space for hotel guests. Our team was asked to bring something new and different to the capital city.

The rooftop patio we designed soon became such a special place, it was difficult to not share with everybody. After receiving a lot of attention from locals – including Boise’s mayor – the Marriott hotel decided it was worth taking full advantage of their special roof deck by opening it to the public.

Now the rooftop is the location of a new outdoor bar with weekly live music, weddings, and other special events. The now-publicly accessible space has become a key feature within Boise’s growing downtown.

A Downtown Building Boom

Residence Inn was completed in 2017, the year Boise held the title of fastest-growing city in the US. The city’s growing tech scene and substantial migration from larger coastal cities to the area had led to a sizable population jump.

As Boise grew in prominence, vacationers and businessmen alike rapidly increased the demand for hotels. With hotel occupancy over 80% and room rates steadily rising, it was time for some newly minted hotels downtown.

Despite coming to market within a few months of three other downtown hotels, Residence Inn sold out its first weekend open. The promising circumstances made for an excellent opportunity to pioneer the roof deck as a new amenity for the Boise hotel scene. Collaborating with The Richardson Design Partnership, Loft Six Four created a unique vision for the space.

“There’s nothing like this in Boise.”

Aimee Tylor / Residence Inn General Manager

Creating a Dynamic Amenity Space

From the beginning, the rooftop was an integral part of the hotel building. Indoor amenity spaces, including the pool, connect with the outdoor roof deck and a way that enhances the experience of each. The building program influenced the unique geometry of the roof deck, forming opportunities for distinct pockets of activity. The rooftop design was focused on creating a wide range of spaces that fit together for a variety of different experiences.

Plants and hardscape materials were selected to bring interest and texture to the space while reinforcing the hotel brand. From the shade structures to tiled seat walls, each detail was planned to make for a memorable experience.

Once the hotel opened the space to the public, the organization of the rooftop lent itself perfectly to the new programming as a restaurant/bar. Now, hotel guests mingle with the locals as both take in downtown views with their drinks. The versatility of the space is a large contributor to its value.

The Place to Be

While Boise has become the place to be for millennials leaving the coast for a better lifestyle, the roof deck bar at Residence Inn is the place to be for both visitors and locals to kick back, relax, and enjoy the best of what Boise has to offer. Truly, the outdoor amenities are what set this hotel apart from the rest, helping it become a mainstay.

At Loft Six Four we specialize in the unique, creative, and precedent-setting development projects that include meaningful outdoor spaces. Our inspiration is to help make more places for people to connect and build community.

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