Dixie Tech


Forming a Launching Pad for Career Aspirations

How a Tech Ridge campus is changing the perception of technical education.

Results Summary

The Dixie Technical College campus overlooks St. George from the technology hub Tech Ridge, once home to a regional airport. Its state-of-the-art facilities are situated on the edge of the bluff, with awe-inspiring views of the surrounding landscape.

Together with the magnificent architecture by Method Studio, the campus is changing the perception of technical education. The attractive setting has helped create a rise in enrollment that in turn provides an increase of well-trained essential workers to the state’s expanding job market.

The transformation from airport runway to educational beacon of opportunity was made complete through the thoughtful design of the campus. Leveraging our expertise in creating immersive outdoor experiences, Loft Six Four teamed up with Method Studio to create a master plan for the institution.

With a clear vision of how the architecture would integrate with the site, we proceeded with the design of the first official building and landscape. This first Dixie Tech campus building set the precedent for the rest of the campus masterplan. It clearly demonstrated the grand potential of the institution and the students who pursue their education there.

Facilitating Growth and Success

In the past, technical schools were often viewed as a “less than” alternative for those who struggled with completing a four-year degree. That is not the case anymore.

At Dixie Tech, students benefit from learning in an uplifting environment while gaining real world skills. With excellent job placement and a strong reputation, Dixie Tech is showing how desirable a technical school education can be. It’s a place where students can grow and find success in life.

It’s also clear that the new campus has facilitated the growth and success of the institution. Dixie Tech originated in 2001, with just three programs and a total of 26 students enrolled. Now, the new campus serves almost 1,200 students enrolled in 27 programs.

“Our new campus has changed people’s perception of technical education.”

Jennifer Forbes / Dixie Tech VP of Marketing

Contextual Design Approach

The campus design concept focused on integrating the architecture with the site and taking full advantage of its prominent location. A student’s experience while at campus is edifying. At the top of the bluff, they encounter a feeling of accomplishment. The elevated plaza – an abstraction of the surrounding geology – provides inspiring views.

The verdant campus is symbolic of the vitality of the school. Lines through the landscape converging on the center of the building express the pivotal role of education in the lives of the students.

Setting the Tone

This first Dixie Tech building has quickly become an iconic and special place. The scenery and interesting campus design attracts many visitors. It’s not uncommon to see portraits being taken at the campus in the evenings or to see travelers stop by to take in the unique experience. Like an urban rooftop, the location is exciting. The campus design captures that excitement and casts the Tech Ridge in its best light.

At Loft Six Four we specialize in creating unique and trend-setting outdoor experiences. We help set the tone with design that attracts people and builds community.

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