If you have been following this series from the beginning, you have now been exposed to many different options and examples of rooftop amenities. Every project is different, and knowing your options is key to maximizing yield and delivering value to your demographic renters.

So, how about recreation? You bet!

Recreational amenities are cornerstones to a successful rooftop amenity, both in residential and in mixed-use commercial. Offering a variety of recreation-centered features is a sure bet. Who doesn’t enjoy a game of pool or a game of chess and checker up on the roof? The possibilities here are near infinite, and in this post, we are going to cover some basic and more advanced recreational rooftop amenity examples, and explain why they are a great way to increase tenant retention.

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Part 8: Exotic & Pet


Pool Tables: A classic. Billiards Rooms are classy, and also very functional. The investment can be relatively low. This can be a very popular feature as it encourages tenants to invite friends over to play or even shoot some pool with neighbors. There are indoor options such as a billiard room or an outdoor open concept; which of the two options is right for your building depends on factors like location, weather and budget.

Chess & Checkers: A quick win with a low cost of investment. A couple of concrete or wooden tables with a skyline view can really complement an amenity. This could serve well to utilize an area with limited square footage but a great view. The great thing about adding chess and checkers tables is that they are highly versatile in terms of installation.

Karaoke Room: If you are incorporating a TV room or two as part of your rooftop amenities, you can easily enable them for karaoke by adding some extra equipment and soundproofing the room. You could even extend the reach of your TV rooms beyond karaoke with, for example, a music room for tenants and their kids to practice their instruments and receive music lessons.

Horseshoe Pits: Another classic but amazing amenity when it’s above the city line. With horseshoe pits it is important to consider the material used inside the pit itself. Typically you would use grass or sand, but up on the roof we want to minimize maintenance and weight, so these might not be the best options. You could consider turf grass or playground-like materials that are easy to maintain and easy to replace.

Children’s play areas: Also known as playgrounds, but on the roof these can differ. Rooftop playgrounds provide privacy for mom and dad, and they are safe as well. Up on the roof there are no strangers, and kids are further away from street danger. Applying the same material principles as for horseshoe pits, with playground we would use traditional gravel for the actual features of the playground. The possibilities are right about endless.

Ping Pong Tables: Bringing the fun up to the roof, ping pong tables are a great outdoor amenity nowdays. It’s time to go out, take a breath of fresh air and challenge your family, friends and co-workers to a match! Not only will you have an amazing table tennis experience with endless fun, you will also be able to do it all without having to worry if the weather changes. 

Putting Greens: No matter your age, golf is always a pleasure to play, so bring fun and entertainment to residents by incorporating a synthetic putting green as one of your fine rooftop amenities. An artificial turf putting green allows golf enthusiasts to enjoy teeing off and still work on their short game. Putting greens have become a very popular and another great outdoor recreational amenity.