Increase Your Property’s Value with a Pool that Actually Gets Used

Increase Your Property’s Value with a Pool that Actually Gets Used

If you’re a developer planning your next big project, you may be wondering about which amenities to focus on. Chances are a pool has floated to the top of your list.

But, are pools worth the expense? They are not cheap to construct or maintain, especially on a rooftop. You’ve probably encountered some anecdotal information that has you doubting that a pool is necessary.

In reality, a pool or spa is a must-have for any apartment community or hotel that wishes to claim the offerings of “resort-style” and/or “luxury” living. Few are built nowadays without one, and there is a reason.

Pool and spa amenities aren’t just for show. They can and will get used. They attract tenants. They create opportunities for making connections and fostering community growth.

Discover what people want in a pool amenity and wonder no longer about why your pools don’t get used.

Adding more green to your pool deck.

Too many pool spaces lack greenery. This is the most common miss, and the easiest to remedy.

You don’t want your “luxury” pool amenity to end up looking like a bare bones community rec center. Don’t be afraid of planting the pool deck. Instead, you ought to be afraid not to. If you are going for a resort atmosphere, that means adding plenty of trees and shrubs. Ornamental grasses and multi-stem trees, in particular, contribute to an oasis-like feeling.

Parc on 5th Pool Amenity – designed by Loft Six Four

Providing enough shade around your pool.

Shade is another commonly overlooked pool area feature. While sun is always desirable on the pool deck, so is the option for shade. Shade extends the amount of time people can spend within the space.

You don’t want people getting burned out too quickly from their time in the sun. The longer they hang out at the pool, the more likely they are to mingle with neighbors, make friends, and create memories that will tie them to your property.

Enclave at Redwood Poolside Cabanas – designed by Loft Six Four

Keep in mind that most pool goers will spend the majority of their time out of the water. So, make sure you have at about 25 to 50 percent of your deck space shaded. Whether it’s with trees, cabanas, umbrellas, or pergolas, providing shade is a pivotal investment.

Dividing the pool area into smaller, separate spaces.

Even before the pandemic, it was important to sub-divide common amenity spaces to accommodate multiple groups. Now it is doubly important. People want to maintain their privacy/intimacy even when in public spaces. Pool areas that do not have the proper scale and separation will actually discourage use.

Parc on 5th Pool Amenity – designed by Loft Six Four

You don’t want a lack of space, or awkward arrangement of it, to turn people away from using your pool amenities. Regardless of the area you have, carefully dividing the pool deck into usable segments will increase its capacity. Planters and shade structures are the best methods for sub-dividing pool deck space. Be sure to create a variety of differently sized spaces to accommodate differently sized groups.

Designing your pool features for the right demographic.

You don’t want to create a mismatch between your amenity offerings and your target demographic. To avoid this from happening, discuss the wants and needs of your would-be tenants with your pool designer.

Pools come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Expand your vision and take advantage of the opportunity to tailor your pool amenity to suit your property’s ideal occupant. A pool deck for college students looks different than one intended for families with young children. A student housing development may feature a sport pool and several spas, while an apartment community for young families will focus on a wading pool, splash pad, lazy river, or water slide. Be willing to adapt to the future needs of your community and customize each of your pool decks.

The Green on Campus Drive Student Housing Amenities – designed by Loft Six Four

Using a variety of materials.

The surfacing of the pool deck is a unique opportunity to make a space more inviting. This is especially true for rooftops or other areas where the capacity for trees and shrubs is limited.

You don’t want your pool area to look like a parking lot. Wide expanses of plain gray concrete are generally stark, cold, and uninviting. Make sure you introduce different colors and textures to the pool deck so it looks like it is intended for people to hang out on, rather than park their cars.

Add color and texture with artificial turf, wood decking, porcelain or colored concrete pavers, specialty concrete, and tile. The combinations are endless. Create unique patterns and use material changes to highlight different spaces and uses.

4th West Skylounge – designed by Loft Six Four

Ready to take your pool amenities to the next level? Let’s talk.