Sandpiper Apartments


Sandpiper Apartments is a mid-century modern apartment development in the heart of Holladay, Utah.  Loft SixFour was brought onto the design team for its abilities and extensive experience in transforming dilapidated developments into emotionally charged experiential environments that attract and retain tenants.  The design challenges consisted of renovating the existing pool and clubhouse areas as well as revamping their branding logo and monument and way finding signage which had been sorely neglected over the last 20 years.  The solution was founded on establishing an intriguing and inviting modern pool area with comfortable lounge seating in various configurations as well as visual interest with the use of plantings and pool area hardscape materials that connected the spaces visually and contextually with the new clubhouse across the main entry road.  Logo Design and Monument signage were important to invoke a sense of place and community as well as attract and direct new and existing tenants to the property in an intuitive and inviting way.

In collaboration with Kennedy Wilson.