Residence Inn Marriott

Loft SixFour was brought onto the team for its abilities and extensive background to create experiential design with rooftops. The design is driven primarily by the programming, spaces, and materiality to create a lively space with an high end resort atmosphere. The process was iterative between the owner, architect and Loftsixfour to develop and piece together the vision of this multifunctional rooftop space. The lighting sequence, furnishing layout, plant palette, ground plain, and material patterns were all carefully poured over to make sure that each element would add to the ambiance and would support the overall vision. The final product is multipurpose  and is intended to support various function such as weddings, receptions, company parties, resident gatherings, intimate groups or large events; this wide range of uses became possible through intelligent spatial design and how these would interact with each other.

In collaboration with Pennbridge Capital and Lodging and RDP.