2016 ASLA Utah Merit Award: Planning and Analysis

The project will be built on a 30-acre piece of land already owned by the college, at the site of the old St. George Airport. The project began with a Masterplan of the entire 30 acre campus, in which we looked at circulation, programming, narrative, and put an overall vision to paper. Following the Masterplan phase, funding became available for phase 1 on the North end of the Development. The overall vision of the Masterplan document was used as a framework for the site design of phase 1. The overall intent was to create identity and sense of place throughout the campus by establishing a unified ground plane and an overarching theme based on the idea that the DXATC is and has been known as a “Crossroads” for students, teachers, and all associated with it from its inception. By integrating the forms that indicate a crossroads or intersection into the design, we were able to provide for main student circulation and ground the identity of the school into the landscape; showing where the school and students have been, with this point of insection representing important decisions that are made for the future of the campus and the lives of each student.

In collaboration with Method Studio.