9th East Lofts

9th East Lofts was designed to be a mixed-use development that will be focused on creating affordable housing in an engaging Urban environment. A key feature being the Bennion Plaza, a landscaped pedestrian plaza separating the project from the street activity. The plaza is intended to enhance the pedestrian experience of the development and draw people in off the street, this was done thru a larger-than-usual setback, suitable space, providing shade, and triangulation thru the retail activity.
By utilizing these techniques the project garnered enough attention to receive an Urban Design Utah Merit Award, for its attention to the importance of the utilizing the adjacency to the street, and using multiple forms of transportation, and its exceptional example of mixed use development in Salt Lake.


“This development’s ideal location between downtown Salt Lake City and the University of Utah, combined with its affordability, makes it both geographically and economically accessible to a wide and diverse group of City residents,” said Mayor Becker.
In collaboration with Method Studio.